Wednesday, 5 September 2012

another fantastic ride in town

Some time ago I posted a blog on the sky train in Chennai calling it the 'Best ride in Town'.

 I had another fantastic ride over the city yesterday during my return from Bangalore. Captain Vinay Shukla of Jet Airways overflew Chennai before landing us about 10 minutes late - but those ten minutes were way more glorious than the whole 30 minute flight from Bangalore to Chennai.

From the fluffy uni dimensional cotton fleece clouds emerged the starry city, lights glowing blue, white and yellow. And streams flowed on rivers lit by lights, red for the retreating traffic, and white/yellow for the on-coming.

The old madras stood proud - the large gleaming white buildings of the corporation, and the police headquarters on the beach; the beautiful Madras University buildings and the Court buildings.
And then we were over the sea, past the lit up harbor and the tall cranes sleeping in the docks. The sea seemed invisible, and the few still ships near the harbour seemed to float mysteriously, their lights reflected on the sea, seemed to be beams that were holding them up.

We went in a wide arc towards the starry land again. Behind me I saw the wing tip winking red and green. As we curved towards land, the sea appeared to surge towards Marina beach. The lights of the fair-like atmosphere of the beach were still winking and blinking. Then we were over the straight strech of beach road, and towards Kathipara junction. The Hotel Le Royal Meridien, stood watch over the curving helical flyovers.

I got a glimpse of the fabulous new seven star ITC hotel - Grand Chola - opposite SPIC, with its dark but clearly discernible swimming pool in the centre.And then we were crossing the flyover over GST road hurtling towards the airport, and then down to the tarmac in a lightly shuddering landing.

Perhaps, I will revise my opinion a little bit and suggest this ride to those who love Chennai.


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